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Updated date: 26/07/2016

- 3rd largest economy in the region with a GDP of $500Bn (after Brazil and Mexico)
- 2nd highest GDP per capita in the region in PPP terms (U$22,600, after Chile)
- 4th country in the region in population size (43m),
- 8th largest country in the world with 53% of arable land
- 8 prolific Oil & Gas basins. Optimal conditions for renewable energy (wind, solar)
- Untapped metals and minerals reserves (copper, gold, silver, lithium, potassium)
- World-class labor force, renowned for its technical skills, creativity and versatility
- Ranked #1 in Latin America in Human Development Index, #1 in Education Index.
• President Mauricio Macri said in Chile, where he lectured at the XI Pacific Alliance Summit, that “Argentina seeks for a XXI MERCOSUR, which clearly has a convergence view with the Pacific Alliance. After many years of a closed economy, we should adopt an orderly transition without criticism in the MERCOSUR integration, I expect soon with the Pacific Alliance, and then with the entire world”, expressed Macri, after remarking the first six months of his administration and his comprehensive regional point of view.
• Argentine Foreign Affairs Minister, Susana Malcorra, candidate to succeed U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, considered that a woman as Secretary General could “add a special value” to current transversality, and suggested that the U.N. must “stop rhetoric and go to action” in order to solve problems.
• "The first measures of Mauricio Macri`s government are going in the right direction and it is clearly seen that the image of Argentina changed a lot in the world", said Marcos Bonturi, the Director of Global Relations for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). He headed the OECD delegation that visited Argentina, in the framework of the arrangements launched by the country to join the multilateral organism.
• In the Agribusiness sector, Argentina will continue to see favourable tailwinds. A report by the OECD and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations said that the next ten years will see a strong global demand for food. The agribusiness sector of Argentina, a country blessed by being part of the 10% of nations that produce more food than they consume, will benefit from new growth in global food demand, although at a slower pace than in recent years, according to a study conducted by the OECD and FAO, which analyzed global perspectives until 2025.

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