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For Tourist Visa

Updated date: 26/04/2022

For Tourist Visa


     - Validity of the Visa stamp:  Three (3) months.

     - Duration of stay in the Country: up to 90 days, each entry.
     - Fees: Free of charge (*)

Passport: must be valid for a minimum of six (6) months from the intended date of entry and have at least two (2) completely free pages left, for the Consular visa stamp and Argentina’s Migration entry & exit stamps. Photo copy of passport (1st and last page) must be presented for verification and included at the time of submission.

2. Visa application form: Must be a 3 page Visa form (cannot be back-to-back) and handwritten by the applicant in (BLUE INK). All questions must be answered and the form must be signed by the applicant. Incomplete or incorrect forms shall not be accepted.

3. Photo: Two (2) recent passport style, color photograph (4 x 4 cm). White background. Front Face.

4. Cover letter by the applicant, addressed to the Visa Section of the Consulate General of Argentina in Mumbai, must include the following: purpose of visit, duration of stay in Argentina, passport details of the applicant, passport details of those accompanying the applicant, who will bear all the expenses for the trip.

[Please note that entrepreneurs must provide the cover letter on the letterhead of their company]

5. Letter from the employer sanctioning applicant’s leave for the trip.

(Must be on the letter-head of the company, signed by the person in charge, presented in original. Photocopies or faxes shall not be accepted)


Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (Only applicable for entrepreneurs and their family)

6. Travel itinerary in Spanish (corresponding to the tickets provided)

7. Round trip flight tickets (Must be dummy reservations)

[Please note that internal flight or bus tickets and/or cruise booking must also be included, if applicable]

8. Hotel reservations corresponding to flight tickets and itinerary (Must be dummy reservations)

Note: If an applicant plans to stay at the residence of a family member or friend, who is an Argentine resident, then “original” invitation letter in Spanish must be presented, duly signed by the inviter, certified by an Argentinean Notary Public and then attested by the "Colegio de Escribanos". [Kindly forward the attached draft of the invitation letter to the inviter in Argentina]

Invitation letter in Spanish can also be issued digitally through a system called 'Trámites a Distancia - TAD'. In that case, only scanned copy of the letter needs to be submitted on email. Please forward the following link to the concerned person in Argentina to understand the process of TAD.

9. Applicant’s salary slips (3 months, latest) [If not applicable for self, please add trip sponsorer’s]

10. Applicant’s personal, consolidated bank statements attested by the bank (6 months, latest)

[For dependents, please add a copy of the trip sponsorer’s bank statements]

11. ITR (3 years, latest)

12. Copy of valid/latest US visa (if any)

13. Travel Insurance covering the entire duration of the stay and the expenses for COVID-19 (mandatory)

14. Aadhar card copy

15. COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate

Personal Interview: All visa applicants without exception are requested to be present for a personal interview with a consular officer. Appointment for the personal interviews is shall be confirmed on completion of the verification process.

Please note that it is advisable to apply 3 weeks in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

In accordance with the relevant Law of the Argentine Republic and the international practice, the Consul is entitled to refuse the visa and request for more documents apart from the above mentioned list.

 (*) Due to Bilateral Agreement between Argentina and India on facilitating mutual tourism and business development, Business and Tourist Visas for both nationals is free of charge. For other nationalities please contact our Consulate General tel.: 022-2287-1381.