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October 12: Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity

Post date: 09/10/2020

Since 2010, October 12 ceased to be called "Day of the Race" and became designated as "Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity", a meaning according to the value assigned by our National Constitution and various treaties and declarations of Human Rights to the ethnic and cultural diversity of all peoples.

The following are links that refer to four songs in video format about the cultural diversity of Argentina:

1-CANCION DEL DERRUMBE INDIO (Autor: Fernando Figueredo Iramain / Intérprete: Mercedes Sosa):

2-ANTIGUOS DUEÑOS DE LAS FLECHAS (Autor: Ariel Ramírez y Félix Luna)

Interpretado por el Coro Toba Qom Chelaalapi (Barrio Toba de Resistencia - Chaco):

3-TAKY ONGOY (autor e intérprete Victor Heredia):

4-AMUTUY SOLEDAD (autor: Marcelo Berbel) interpretado Los Hermanos Berbel:













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